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Missed Your Medicare Enrollment DEADLINE? What to know.

Timing is everything! Generally, if you miss an enrollment deadline, you will need to wait until the general enrollment period (GEP) and most likely pay the penalty. However, there are special enrollment periods (SEP) you might qualify for. If…
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How To Avoid Part B & D Late Enrollment Fees

* Late Enrollment Penalty part B: Your monthly Part B premium could be 10% higher for every entire 12-month period that you were eligible for Part B. *Late Enrollment Penalty part D: For each month you delay enrollment in Medicare…
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retirement mistake

Try Not To Make This Retirement Planning Mistake

Long-term care is often overlooked and the costs are underestimated in retirement planning. On top of that long-term care, expenses are growing every year. The possibility of needing help taking care of yourself later in life is probably hard…
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Permanent Versus Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers a death benefit for a fixed amount of time (mostly between 5 and 30 years). Permanent life insurance covers you for your whole life and accumulates cash value that can be accessed as a living…
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How to set financial goals in 2022

It is time to review your goals, change things up to keep on track, or set new goals. No one wants to waste time or money on something you can avoid. Creating a financial plan takes a little bit…
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Just married? Now is the time to get life insurance.

Dear Newlyweds, Partners, Parents, Brides, and grooms to be! Getting married, moving in together, having a baby on the way are all exciting life events. Life insurance is probably not the first thing that comes to mind during these exciting…
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