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First Look

We are excited to invite you to a free educational event all about Medicare! Policy Engineer and Edinger Medical Group are teaming up to provide you with everything you need to know about Medicare. During this event, we will go over the Medicare changes for 2024, explain all parts of Medicare, and share tips and strategies. We look forward to seeing you there!  

First Look

Join us for a free educational Medicare Seminar! Policy Engineer and Edinger Medical Group will provide an overview of all aspects of Medicare, including changes for 2024, tips, and strategies. See you there!


What Can You Expect To Learn?

  • Medicare Changes For 2024 
  • How to decide whether a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan is right for you based on your needs
  • How to avoid the top 7 reasons people overspend on Medicare insurance.
  • How to take advantage of specific rights & entitlements that protect you from overpaying!

Meet the speakers  Chris & Matt Franchina, Co-Founders of Policy Engineer

Hybrid Event Edinger Copy

Attend Our Medicare Event Virtually 

 Click the zoom link to register for our Medicare Webinar.