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About Us

Insurance is all about protecting the things you care about most. At Policy Engineer, we encourage you to think about what’s closest to your heart, and we’ll help you take care of the rest.

Over 17 combined years in the insurance industry and seeing that there is almost no innovation in how insurance policies are purchased. Brothers Chris and Matt Franchina founded Policy Engineer Insurance Solutions, LLC. We feel a calling to fix two significant concerns in the insurance industry: centralized consumer access to insurance products and ongoing professional service. Simply said, we will give you access and help you select correctly.

Let’s face it. Insurance is sold almost the same way it was nearly a hundred years ago.

If you’re like most people, you don’t even know where to start to buy insurance. If you wanted to compare policies and prices, you would likely ask around to see if anyone close to you had a broker. You’d set a time to meet them in person, then hope that after the barrage of questions, they would recommend the right policy for you.

Why is buying insurance such a daunting process in the modern era of making purchases with face recognition or thumbprints? We are committed to advancing the insurance buying process while always keeping you, the customer, at the conversation center.

There’s A Policy For You.

No matter what stage of your life you are in, we believe there’s an insurance policy or combination of engineered policies for someone with needs like yours. With hundreds of insurance companies and even more policies available, it’s safe to say there’s a policy for you. Still, traditional insurance distribution methods make it nearly impossible to know if you got the right one.

If you have a policy, likely, your agent is no longer in the business.

The insurance industry has a name for a policyholder without an agent. The name is “orphan policy,” and it’s because the person who recommended it is no longer there to watch over it. Our world is ever-changing, and so are your individual needs as you age. As your needs change, occasional monitoring of your insurance policies and how they hold up to the world you live in today is a good idea.

Policy Engineer is committed to your policies’ ongoing service and will maintain a watchful eye on how your world changes over time. We know you bought insurance to protect those closest to your heart, and we give you our word that you will never become an “orphan” under our watch.

Technology gives you more control, but you might still want an agent.

By staying at the forefront of Fintech (financial technology), we can continue to give you more control over the purchasing process. Although we believe in the future, you will be able to buy any insurance policy without an agent’s help. We are not entirely there yet. If you prefer to walk through the process with a licensed pro, just set a meeting with one of our licensed Policy Engineers right from your mobile device. That’s why we have a team of licensed agents with access to America’s most comprehensive policies. They are all trained to give non-bias recommendations.

Whether you use our online self-purchase tools or decide to work directly with one of our licensed Policy Engineers, you will always have a committed member of our team assigned to serve you and your family both during your enrollment process and for all the years to come.